"The secret to creating a Remarkable Event is to create a Remarkable Atmosphere. An atmosphere that Engages, Increases Interaction and Gets Your Guests Talking." Josh London | Magician

Josh London is an expert at creating Remarkable Events for his clients. He has helped organizations like Sony, Lexmark, Toshiba and thousands more create events that are Engaging, Memorable and Interactive. Click Here for a list of clients.

Stage Show

An After Dinner program that is perfect for any event. Whether you're having a posh private party for friends or an exclusive corporate event to honor special guests your audience will experience a Remarkable Show. 

If you're hosting an event and you really want to impress the audience then this is the best option.

The Stage Show is interaction from start to finish with non-stop laughter throughout the entire program. Guests will take part in a show that is "Magic for Thinking Audiences." No rabbits, big boxes or glitter. 

Minds are read, thoughts revealed and VIPs are honored. 

Don't miss this show!

Walk Around / Strolling

During the cocktail hour of a wedding, awards banquet, private party or corporate event is when guest engagement needs to be highest. This is the first chance you have to make an impression that lasts. Don't leave it to the Hors d'Oeuvres.

Magician Josh London will mingle with your group showing small groups 5-7 minutes of Remarkable Close-Up Magic and Mindreading inches from their eyes and in their hands.


A Quarter Bending in Your Hand

Thinking of Any Word and Josh Revealing it

Drawing Any Picture and Josh Duplicating it

When you reserve Josh London for your event you will be thrilled to discover that he is the easiest magician / entertainer you've ever worked with. From start to finish Josh will help you in the planning stages of the event and recommend where the Stage Show and Walk Around Magic will fit in.

He will also ensure that at the event guests are interacting, engaged and entertained throughout the entire party.